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Use barriers to increase site safety or to deter vehicle or pedestrian entry. They come in many formats and designs, depending on your on-site requirement. Barriers are used for many circumstances, including - 

  • Controlling pedestrian or vehicle access
  • Protecting assets from impact damage
  • Highlighting nearby hazards for employees

How to choose the right barrier for your project
Before purchasing a barrier, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine the best option: 

  • Do I need to control access?
  • Do I need to protect assets from damage?
  • Will this barrier be used on a permanent or temporary basis?
  • Do I need a fixed or portable barrier option?

It’s best to conduct a workplace safety risk assessment to determine what kind of barrier will work best on-site. 

Here are a few barrier options to get you started - 

GHP Portable Barrier – a versatile barrier for indoor and outdoor use. Made from rigid plastic for long service life. Integral castors for high mobility to and from the site. Expands up to 3.6 metres in width to deter pedestrian entry.

Black Bull Steel Hoop Guards