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Truck Wheel Stops provide a means for bringing trucks to a stop within a parking bay or loading area. The wheel stops alert the driver that they have reached the end of a space and to prevent them from impacting with other vehicles or infrastructure.

PITTMAN have the UKs widest range of wheel stops and have a large selection of parking blocks suitable for use with HGVs and trucks. Our truck parking blocks come in either rubber or steel and both options are extremely durable. One of the most popular rubber truck stops is the MKII HGV Wheel Stop ideal for freight areas and loading bays.
For steel truck wheel stops our HGV Dock Bumper 1200mm is a highly durable option - the steel frame is fitted with a tough rubber bumper on the front for absorbing the truck tyres as they come into position.

Our expert sales team will help you select the correct truck wheel stop for your next project: choosing steel or rubber, which fastening to use and what position to install them in. Call us on 020 3773 5390 or email for any queries regarding our range of truck wheel stops.
PITTMAN offer the UKs best prices on truck wheel stops and with our high stock levels we can promise fast delivery throughout the UK. Let us know which surface you are installing into and we can select the correct fixing bolts for your depending on whether you have asphalt, tarmac or concrete.
Rubber Truck Wheel Stops v Steel Truck Wheel Stops

  • Rubber is rust free for life
  • Rubber is less expensive than steel
  • Steel comes in high visibility yellow
  • Our steel wheel stops are slightly taller (170mm compared to 150mm)
  • Steel may be aesthetically better looking
  • Steel will have a greater impact resistance for ultra-heavy loads

For the toughest environments e.g. quarries some clients prefer to use a steel wheel stop rather than rubber.
All of our steel wheel stops are first hot dip galvanised and then powder coated – so even if some of the paint chips following an impact, the wheel stop should still never rust due to the galvanisation. While our steel wheel stops have been galvanised to highest standards, remember if installed near seawater or anywhere with salt some rusting will inevitably occur – so we recommend to use our rubber parking blocks in these areas .e.g. ports or road gritting depots.

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